It took me a long time to find this
location which is on a narrow passage
characteristic of this city. 


Many parts of this city is usually so full of people but
once off the beaten track, there are some peaceful and
beautiful places. Coming across such areas is what
makes wondering in this city so joyful.


In this city built from over 100 small
islands, it's always important to
look up. Easy to forget though when 
there are so many other things to see...



Loved the simplicity and cleanliness of
this space. Interesting to see how the
building this was in has evolved over the
years too.



A venue I used to attend regularly in another life. As 
with everything, it has changed so much since those
days when the decor was pretty basic. What mattered
was the music that was being played there. I am
pleased to say the music more than matched the decor