I have always found alley ways interesting. This was
the first time I have encountered this one after sunset
and could not resist making a record of it.


A building I visit once a year or so. There
is usually something new that catches my



I love being in this place with so much happening and
being able to watch all sorts of people strolling by.



As I entered the building, a different
world from the outside opened up,
highlighted by this elegant staircase,
with the steps flowing down like a river. 



A great setting for the first proper going
out in over a year. It was exhilarating to
see this view when i looked up.



I thought the weather had spoilt this celestial event
but it actually worked in my favour. An experience
which makes our place in the universe clearer than
under normal circumstances.



Architecturally, I am not keen on this building on the
whole, but this area...